Class Descriptions
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Class Descriptions

Why class levels?

Our classes are grounded in alignment, exploring elegant bio-mechanics of the body and incorporating a life-affirming philosophy which helps a student develop a strong body with a soft heart. Our classes combine flowing sequences of poses with poses that are held longer to encourage refined alignment awareness. Since each of our teachers is highly trained in the same style of teaching our classes offer a consistent structure and focus helping you to go deeper more quickly. Our instructors, however, also teach from their own experience so every class is a delightful creative expression of their personal practice & exploration.

We work from an established syllabi of poses so our instruction provides a sequential framework for developing and supporting an understanding of a truly complete yoga practice over time. Each day, each week you can choose which level best serves your needs. “If you wish to strike water, dig a deep hole.” To help you obtain your highest form of practice we offer detailed verbal cues and hands on assistance throughout class.


Yoga 101: Intro to Yoga

Ready to start your Yoga Practice? Build your confidence, knowledge and develop a strong foundation in understanding yoga?

This beginner level yoga series is designed for new students looking to start their yoga practice and for those who desire to deepen their understanding of yoga principles, foundation and key alignment principles.

We will explore principles and fundamentals of yoga during this weekly class. All classes will offer a balanced sequence integrating postures (asanas), breath work (pranayama) and mindfulness with instruction and guidance in proper alignment.

Each week new yoga poses will be added with a recap and review each sequential class.

Over the course of the several sessions you will learn the skills necessary to establish and build a safe, calm, balanced, insightful and confident yoga practice to enhance your authentic expression on and off the mat. This class will prepare you well for other classes on our schedule.

Gentle Yoga + Meditation

Create a healthy body and a peaceful mind in our slowest an gentlest class, perfect for those who enjoy a softer practice or are recovering from injury, illness, or have special physical needs. Our 90-minute Gentle Yoga & Meditation classes incorporate a 20-minute meditation after a gentle sequence of poses followed by a delicious relaxation period. 

Yoga Hour

For those needing a shorter class or a brief pick-me-up, this hour-long class accommodates ALL LEVELS of experience and physical capabilities. The instructor gears the class sequence to the participants that day and will teach modifications to either make the poses easier or more challenging as necessary. Each class ends with a well earned relaxation period.

Basic Yoga...the Fundamentals

Designed for students new to yoga, for those wishing to move more slowly, or for those who want to refine their alignment, Basic Yoga explores optimal alignment in a variety of foundational yoga poses, basic breathing techniques, and meditation and relaxation practices. Open to beginning and continuing students, this class is basic but not easy and will introduce or return you to the fundamentals.

Experienced Beginner

Experienced Beginner classes bridge Basic Yoga and our intermediate classes like Align & Flow to deepen your practice by expanding your repertoire of poses and emphasizing greater endurance and flexibility in the body. This level is intended for those who are looking to expand their practice gradually or those without previous yoga experience but who are already physically active. A wide variety of poses with be covered.

Align & Flow

In this intermediate class you will be guided by alignment principles to refine your practice and to optimize its effects. The class will begin with a brief period of centering followed by an active warm-up. The class will intersperse sections of vinyasa flow (movement with breath) with longer held poses, creating an opportunity to go deeper into that pose and to cultivate more awareness within it. A wide variety of poses will be taught over the course of several weeks. The class will end with deep relaxation and meditation. Open to all levels of practitioners, however, it is recommended that you have attended some Basic Yoga or Advanced Beginner classes first.

Hips & Restorative Yoga

Modern life can be stressful so we need to give our body and mind a time to rest and restore. This one-hour class is designed to unlock our most resistant parts - your lower body and your mind. For the first part of class we will focus on postures to unwind the hips, legs, and low back so you can experience new freedom in your body. This will be followed by gentle restorative yoga & deep relaxation. Complete your "re-set" with a very brief meditation to leave feeling calm and at peace. Open to all students.

Yoga for Back Health

Many people come to yoga searching for relief from their low back pain.  Poor posture, too much sitting, and other back problems can lead to tight hips and hamstrings, overstretched low back muscles, and weak abdominals.  Yoga for Strong Abs and a Happy Back is designed to guide you through a series of poses that strengthen and stretch the muscles that support your pelvis and spine.  The class format will consist of standing poses, hip and hamstring openers, and back and abdominal strengtheners.  This class is appropriate for beginners, but if you have major limitations or a recent back surgery please check with your doctor before attending.

Slow Flow & Yin Yoga

This class is a slow vinyasa style class with yin postures sprinkled in at the end. We will synchronize movement with breath in a smooth flowing way for the first 40 minutes of class. Throughout class you will be calmly challenged to your edge to build strength and concentration since this class will move at a slower pace than our regular flow classes. The final 20 minutes will be yin yoga. Yin yoga is deep stretching. Yin yoga encourages your nervous system to relax preparing you for a calming and well-deserved Savasana. Perfect for those who want a slower and softer practice. Excellent for beginners, the elderly and pregnant women and for professionals who don't want a sweaty class at midday.

Yin Yoga 

Modern life can be stressful so we need to give our body and mind a time to rest and restore. This one-hour class is designed to unlock our most resistant parts - your lower body and your mind. For the first part of class we will focus on postures to unwind the hips, legs, and low back so you can experience new freedom in your body. This will be followed by gentle restorative yoga & deep relaxation. Complete your "re-set" with a very brief meditation to leave feeling calm and at peace. Open to all students.

Vinyasa Flow

A flowing style of yoga characterized by sequences of poses linked together by the breath, where the breath orchestrates the movement between each posture. Vinyasa means moment to moment awareness, and our Vinyasa Flow classes integrate alignment, strength, and fluidity with meditation and action. A strong working knowledge of alignment and how to work intelligently within your limits is recommended to get the most pleasure out of this class.

Yoga for Core Strength

Your core is more than just your abdominal muscles. Yoga for Core Strength incorporates yoga postures, breath, and a variety of dynamic movements to target your deep core muscles. Postures and sequencing are geared toward strengthening and stabilizing the muscles of your torso and legs. This includes the abdominals, glutes, and thighs. Having a strong core helps to stabilize the body which can prevent injuries and reduce low back pain. This class is appropriate for beginning and continuing students who want to improve their strength and flexibility.

Breathing & Meditation Practice

This class is designed to assist you in cultivating and growing a meditation practice to encourage you to explore your inner world more deeply.
Each class will integrate a
  • brief sequence of gentle asana,
  • breathing practices,
  • guided meditation and silent meditation practice,
  • relaxation practice
Whether you are new to meditation or established in the practice, this class is centered on supporting you and your growth. For this class, you are invited to bring a journal, cushion or seat, and an open heart and mind.

Roll and Restore Yoga

Consider this class self-care 101! Roll and Restore uses Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls for self-massage followed by static stretching and restorative yoga. Research shows that self-massage followed by static stretching is an effective combination to help you improve mobility, prevent injuries, and promote healing. Restorative yoga and breathwork at the end of class deregulates the nervous system to help you deeply relax. A great class for athletes, yogis, office workers, or anyone who wants to move better in their body. All levels welcome, no yoga experience necessary. Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls are provided for your use.

Youth Yoga Classes 

Our kids’ yoga classes have all the elements of an adults’ yoga class: philosophical teachings, alignment, asana, and savasana. But whereas adult classes are often called “playfully serious,” these kids’ yoga classes might be more seriously playful! There are animal noises, dancing and drumming, art projects, inventing poses, kids teaching, and frequent bouts of giggling - but all with the intention to empower these young yogis to live the teachings of yoga. The space is kids only, allowing them to explore their practice as their own. And at the heart of each class is an open conversation, one that connects students more fully to each other, their loved ones, the world around them, and their own hearts. Held on the 2nd & 4th Saturdays of each month (10:30am: Yoga & Story Time for ages 3-6; 11:30am: Youth Yoga for ages 4-10; 12:30pm: 'Tweens Yoga for ages 11-14).


Private Yoga Sessions (one-on-one or semi-private)

This is an opportunity to have private yoga instruction with the teacher of your choice. We will evaluate where you are in your practice and provide personalized instruction and refinements to help you make a quantum shift in your practice. For beginning students, this is an optimal way to learn the basic elements of yoga at your own pace and to get all your questions answered. For those with physical challenges or therapeutic needs, like back pain or shoulder injuries, this private lesson will tailor poses to your body's abilities and teach you how to modify your practice in a group class situation. "Homework" will be provided so you can learn to optimally align on your own and heal faster. A private session can also be scheduled to deepen your meditation and breathing practices. Arranged at a mutually agreeable time. To arrange a private, please contact Stacey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or your favorite instructor after class. A one-hour private session costs $90.


ALL classes cost $10 ONLY!

Our classes are attended and paid for on a simple drop-in basis.

**No pre-registration necessary**

 We accept cash, checks, debit & credit cards.

 Plan arrive 15-10 minutes early for your first class to get settled and to complete a short release form.


Gift Certificates can be purchased for individual classes or private sessions. Gift Certificates must be presented at time of class, no exceptions. Gift Certificates will be treated as cash, no refunds for lost certificates.

To purchase a gift certificate visit:


Class Descriptions


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